If you own a Volkswagen, then you already know what millions of other VW owners know:  you are driving one of the best examples of automotive craftsmanship that there in.  How else do you explain the fact that three of the all-time top selling vehicles in history are Volkswagens?  Whether you own the iconic Beetle, the ever-popular Jetta, the Passat, or the Tiguan, you and millions of others know you are driving a reliable vehicle that will last you, quite possibly, a lifetime.

However, you also know, as does any car owner, that occasionally the “check engine” light will come on, and you will need replacement parts, and nothing strikes fear in the heart of a car owner like engine problems.  Let’s face it, a replacement engine can cost thousands of dollars, and who has that kind of money for car repair.  Heck, even if you just need a new distributor, or piston, rocker arm or starter motor, the cost of repair when done at a dealership or auto shop can be hundreds of dollars, and in today’s economy that is a serious expense.

But never fear!  There is an alternative if you own a VW and need replacement engine parts.

You can do the repair job yourself.

Let’s say your VW Beetle needs a new distributor.  What will it cost to have a mechanic replace that distributor?  First, plan on two hours of labor costs.  That equals about $150.  Then let’s plan on a new, aftermarket distributor….that will cost you around $75 to $100.  So, to replace that distributor of yours, you are looking at about three-hundred bucks.

How’s that sound to you?

Now let’s take a look at a solution millions of drivers are turning to…DIY car repair.

First, if you do the work yourself, you automatically save $150 in labor costs.  How’s that sound to you?

Then, if you don’t buy a new distributor, but rather buy a recycled distributor from a local salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts, you will pay about half what you would have paid for a new distributor, so the total cost of your DIY car repair will be somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty bucks.

Which sounds better to you, fifty or three-hundred?

All Import Auto Parts sells nothing but the finest recycled auto parts, and they all carry a warranty so you can shop with confidence.  It really does make good sense, and it also saves good cents.