If you are the proud owner of a Volkswagen, then you know what tens of millions of shoppers worldwide know….that VW makes quality cars. How else do you explain the fact that VW has three of the top ten all-time selling vehicles in automotive history?  That’s right, 30% of the best-selling vehicles of all-time are Volkswagens:  the Beetle, Jetta, and the Golf.  How’s that for an impressive lineup?

But no matter how impressive VW is and has been, there will come a time when you will need replacement interior parts.  Either the carpet will be worn, or the center console will need replacing.  Either the armrest will get a rip in it, or the seats will show some wear and tear.  Maybe your seatbelts will need to be replaced, or the bucket seat will break along the seat track.

Here’s the thing to know about interior parts:  they are very easy to replace.  You don’t need to go to a car mechanic and pay $75 on average, per hour, to have interior parts installed.  Heck, practically anyone with basic tools and some determination can replace bench seats or a headrest.  Go on YouTube and you’ll find tutorial videos for practically any car repair you can think of.

So, you make up your mind that you are going to do the replacement job on your Beetle.  Now, where do you shop for replacement parts?

Yes, you can go to a VW dealership, and you can pay an arm and a leg by doing so.  Yes, you can go to an auto parts store, but you’ll pay the same arm and leg for the expensive, marked-up items.

Or, you can do what smart shoppers are doing, and you can shop at your local salvage yard for the Volkswagen replacement car parts you need.  That’s right, we said a salvage yard.  And why not?  Places like All Import Auto Parts have basic warranties on all the parts they carry.  They can find the right interior part for your VW, no matter the make and model, and the cost of that part will be at a drastically lower price.  Then you go home, install it yourself, and when you are all done you will have saved at least $100 and most likely at least $150 or $200.

And who couldn’t use those kinds of savings?

All Import Auto Parts is the place to shop for all of your VW interior parts.