One of the great mysteries in the automotive world is why Volvo has not done better in the United States.  They certainly make quality cars, but for whatever reason they never caught on in America.

Elsewhere, they are doing dynamite things.

Volvo just announced their sales for May, 2014, and it marked the eleventh straight month of growth for Volvo.  Here are some of the highlights of their report:

$1·         Global sales of 40,449 cars, up 13.4 per cent versus May of last year

$1·         China sales was up 60.9 percent over last year….an all-time high

$1·         Yearly sales to date of 185,881 cars, an increase of 10.5 percent over 2013

China is easily where things are happening for Volvo.  The best selling model in China is the XC60 crossover SUV, followed by the S60L sedan.  Over 7,100 cars were sold in May in China, and their goal is to sell 80,000 in China alone this year.  The Volvo S80 is also doing well there.

In Sweden, where Volvo is manufactured, sales increased 33.5 percent, with a 21.5 percent market share.  This is great news after two very successful marketing campaigns.

Sales in western Europe were up 15.1 percent in May, and in the first five months of the year sales were up 9.6 percent.

The third largest market for Volvo was the United States, with 5,014 cars sold there in May, but those sales are down 20.6 percent over last year.  Still, the company expects an increase in the U.S. for the year due to new products and increased marketing efforts.

Make no mistake about it: Volvo makes an excellent car, in many ways the equal of Mercedes-Benz and BMW.  Certainly their craftsmanship is excellent, and their products are attractive, sleek, and reliable.  Again, though, for whatever reason, Volvo struggles in the United States.

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