The style of car that a person chooses to drive can indicate a lot about their lifestyle. For example, there are some people who, after driving a car for a couple of years, consider it junk yard quality, and look for the newest thing because they can afford it. Other people, who are on a budget, want a car that doesn’t have a bulky design, and can be comfortably used for many years while still looking good. These people might consider getting a Lanos, a car that has a streamlined exterior, but an interior that provides the occupants with plenty of space.


Daewoo, the manufacturer of the Lanos, has offered this car in two-door or four-door options. The two-door is in the style of a hatchback mini-car, with the four-door as an S sedan. The latter can accommodate up to five people. This sometimes comes as a surprise to people who see the Lanos’s exterior, which appears smaller than some sedans. The back of the rear seats split and fold down for additional space.


Although the overall size and space in models of the Lanos is important, equally important are the inner workings of the car. Quality mechanisms can make all the difference between seeing the car on the road, or seeing it in a salvage yard. A  standard option for the Lanos is a five-speed manual transmission, with an optional choice being a four-speed automatic transmission. Another option on some of the models is to have antilock brakes.


It’s important to some drivers that, regardless of their car’s age, the features that the car has look current, and not like a bunch of used car parts. Both hatchback and S sedan versions of the Lanos generally include intermittent wipers, a rear defogger, a stereo system, and a tachometer. Features such as remote keyless entry, power door locks, a security system, and power windows are typically indicative of midrange versions. The highest versions of the Lanos might include fog lights, air conditioning, and, sometimes, a power sunroof.


The safety features in a Lanos will also vary depending on the version ranges. Regardless of the range, most cars will have standard safety features such as a pretensioner, a trunk release, and an adjustable seat belt. Although there are different features with different versions of this car, the variations mean that there is something that can accommodate whatever a driver is looking for.