When looking for a car, it is important to find a model that is designed with efficiency in mind. Although some cars might look good, they don’t always perform well, and often end up in a junk yard. The Matiz is an example of a car that has an innovative appearance, and is designed to protect the driver.


It takes time to design a car with such specific parameters. Manufacturers don’t want to design cars that will, after being driven for a year or two, end up a pile of used car parts. So, it comes as no surprise that it took a little more than two years for Daewoo to develop the Daewoo Matiz Creative.


Safety is an important feature of this mini-car. Most of the Matiz Creative’s body consists of high-strength steel.  Additionally, the car contains roof rail curtain airbags. Thousands of miles of crash tests, durability tests, and severe weather tests were done to ensure quality. This car is, after all, meant to be on the road, and not in a salvage yard.


Mini-cars, because of their smaller size, often end up lacking in style. However, with the Matiz Creative, just as much importance is placed on style as it is on safety. A hatchback adds a sporty look, as do the large-sized headlamps, which reach from the front part of the car to the back part of the hood. The headlamps themselves contain bezels that are chrome-coated, as well as lenses made out of clear polycarbonate. The result is a definitively upscale look.


The back roofline of this Matiz car is essentially extended by standard equipment. This extension adds stability to the car when it’s driven in high speeds. Additionally, this extension enhances the aerodynamic performance of the car, as well as better fuel efficiency.


Other aspects of this Matiz Creative’s design also indicate that this is not the regular mini-car. The upward-slanting window line, arched roofline, as well as rear door handles that are secretly located in the car’s C-pillar might give this car the appearance of a three-door coupe, but it’s really a five-door coupe.


The interior spaciousness is another unique aspect of this car. Front legroom, front headroom, rear legroom, and rear hip room have all been designed in such a way that the Matiz Creative comfortably accommodate five adults. The semi-bucket design of the seats can add to a feeling of security, and the headrests can be adjusted. These are just some of the aspects that make this Matiz efficient, stylish, and safe.