Do you own a Honda?

Considering the fact that Honda Motors is the second-largest automaker in Japan, behind only Toyota, and the sixth largest in the world, chances are pretty good that you do own one of the fine Honda automobiles.  Especially considering the fact that Honda has been selling car, vans, SUVs and pickup trucks in the United States for over five decades.

Yes, chances are good that you own a Honda.

And that means that sooner or later you are going to need some Honda cars used parts!

The current Honda lineup consists of the Honda Accord Sedan, the Civic Sedan, the Honda Fit Sedan, and the Insigt Sedan.  In coupes they have the Accord, the Civic and the CR-Z.  In crossovers they have the Crosstour SUV, the CR-V SUV, and the Pilot SUV.  In minivans they have the venerable Odyssey, and their pickup truck offering is the Ridgeline.

And that’s just what they are making now.  Go back ten or twenty years and you can add another ten models to that list, and now start talking about all the Honda cars used parts for all those models, and we are talking about millions of possible parts that American drivers might need for repairs.


So where can you find the right part for your car, truck, minivan or SUV?

Let’s say you need a transmission for your 1992 Honda Civic.  It certainly is possible, right?  That Civic would be twenty-two years old, and probably have a couple hundred thousand miles on it, but remember that we are talking Honda cars here, so chances are excellent that the Civic in question is still running.

So where do we find those replacement parts?  Well, you can order the transmission from the dealership.  You’ll have to pay top price and you’ll have to wait several weeks for delivery, but you can definitely do that.

You can order the part from an auto parts store, but the problems are the same:  cost too much and wait too long.

Or you can do what many DIY car repair folks are doing lately: you can go to your local salvage yard and buy your Honda cars used parts for a fraction of the price you would pay using the other two options.

Salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts do not break your bank with high prices, and we can usually find the replacement part you need in a matter of a day or two.

So, which choice seems best to you?