For any family or even individual who likes to travel a lot but needs a reliable vehicle the Honda Element will certainly make you happy. It is rated among the top ten in many United States polls for most affordable compact sports utility vehicle and fits the profile for any outdoor lover. This model has maximum cargo room for transporting anything you would need for a great summer adventure and is even rated as one of the more dog owner friendly vehicles. Certain models can come with a ramp, padded bed, and even a cooling fan, perfect for trips that include your four-legged friends. Along with that the Honda Element also receives excellent ratings in safety, durability, and comfort. This is truly a great vehicle if you are looking to spend a large part of your summer camping, bike riding, rafting, or anything else.

With such a great vehicle you may want to think seriously about keeping it on the road as long as possible. The Element is very affordable and durable but like all vehicles, especially ones built for the outdoors type owner, certain parts may get a lot of wear and tear. That’s fine though because you can find plenty of affordable Honda used parts. Automobile used parts are great because they cost much less than new ones but are still very affordable. Automobile used parts are nearly new and just as solid as a brand new one, but cost much less and are easier to get a hold of. So as you hit the out doors this summer for some fun in the sun make sure you are doing what you can to keep your sports utility vehicle running its best. You’re Honda Element can last you a long time and be part of many fond trips and outdoor memories for years to come.