Many owners of a Honda Pilot claim they have over 200,000 miles on their car and it is still going. Honda is known for producing cars that last much longer than American made cars.

Of course, there are more repairs as the car gets older, but you can save money by skipping the dealership and buying used Honda parts. You can either do the repair yourself then, or go to the local mechanic. They normally will only charge you labor if you bring the part to them. Honda used parts are the fraction of new parts plus you can normally get them easier than tracking down new parts for older models.

The Honda Pilot does have some known service issues. According to repair shops, some of the issues include:

  • Front disc brake rotors can warp. Fixed by replacing the rotor.
  • Rear brake pads can cause a clunk when first braking. Replace the brake pad shims.
  • Broken front engine mount can cause rough idle and harsh transmission shifting. Replace the front engine mount.
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve fails and the Check Engine Light comes on. Replace the EGR valve.
  • Carbon build up on throttle body causing a sticking throttle. Clean the throttle body to fix.
  • Front stabilizer links can clunk. Replace both stabilizer links.
  • Wire harness can overheat and cause the low beams not to work. Replace the light switch, wire and connector.
  • Failed power transistor causes the rear blower not to work. Replace the power transistor.

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