Isuzu Motor Company began as Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in 1916. They formed a partnership with Tokyo Gas and Electric to build cars.  They then formed a partnership with Wolseley Motors Limited in 1918, giving them exclusive rights for production and sales of Welseley vehicles in East Asia.  Their first car, the A-9, was produced in 1922, and two years later the CP truck was produced.

The name Isuzu was adopted as the company name in 1949.  The company struggled for years after, trying to find a partnership with an established car maker.  Restrictions were put on car manufacturers by Japan, limiting the number of vehicles any new company could produce, so it was vital that a working relationship be formed with an existing auto manufacturer.  Isuzu attempted to partner with Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru, but it was not until 1971 that a workable partnership was formed with General Motors.

The partnership gave General Motors 34% stake in Isuzu, and in 1971 the Chevrolet LUV was produced, the first Isuzu-built car sold in the United States.  The Gemini followed and was sold in the United States as the Buick Opel.  Sales rapidly increased by 1976.

1981 marked the first year that Isuzu could market a car under their own name and the Isuzu P’Up was sold.  They then began to market their own diesel engines that appeared in the Opel, Land Rover, and Hindustan.  Success had finally been achieved by the little company that began by building boats way back in 1916.

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