. First there was the Lexus ES 300, introduced in 2002. Then along came the ES 330 in 2004.  Both were quality cars in the entry-level luxury sedan field.  They both had ample interior room, both had the Lexus reputation of quiet, and both were made with loving care and quality craftsmanship.  Evidently, however, those two earlier efforts were not enough to please the engineers at Lexus because in 2007 they unveiled the ES 350 and in so doing raised their own standards of excellence.

So how did they improve on an already fine ES line?  By adding power and improving handling of course.  The ES 350 features a 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of 268 horsepower. This front-wheel performer has a six-speed automatic transmission that will travel from 0-60 mph in 7 seconds, a nice show of power in a luxury sedan.

Yes, the handling was improved, making this a quality luxury sedan in every way for those interested in exactly what a luxury sedan should offer.  Make no mistake about it, the ES 350 will never leave a driver feeling like they just experienced a sporty, gasping-for-breath ride.  It was never meant to be that kind of car so we really can’t fault it for that.  What the ES 350 was meant to be is a luxury sedan at a reasonable entry-level price that gives the driver all the luxuries, all the comfort, all the special features expected in a luxury sedan.

Standard equipment includes a sunroof, leather upholstery, wood trim, dual-climate control, and power front seats to name a few.  Options like a superior Levinson sound audio system and others will push the price towards $40,000 which is really pushing it when talking about an entry-level luxury sedan.

It really is hard to ride in this Japanese import car and come away disappointed.  Lexus knows how to make comfort.  Lexus knows how to make quiet.  Lexus knows how to manufacture luxury.  You can take your kids to the movies in style in the ES 350.  You can drive a business client to lunch and all that’s missing is a chauffeur.  You could buy used and purchase any of the ES line and feel confident that the Lexus guarantee for quality is inherent in your automobile.  But if you want sporty, if you want sweat to break out on your brow, if you want your heartbeat to increase as you drive, then you might take a look at the Lexus IS line and leave the luxury of the ES 350 to those seeking a confident commute.