So let’s talk about the Lexus Motor Company for a little while and give you some information you might find interesting.

In case you have been living under a rock for a few years, Lexus is the luxury lineup made by Toyota Motor Company and we will assume you have all heard of Toyota. They have only been making some of the most reliable vehicles on the road for decades now and continue to set the standard for craftsmanship in the automotive industry. So when Toyota decides to make something special, like the Lexus, then it must be something VERY special indeed.

Lexus makes five sedans, namely the Is, the HS, the ES and GS, and the full-size LS flagship sedan. They also offer two convertibles, the IS C and the SC, and three SUVs, namely the RX, the GX, and the LX. Recently they have moved into the hybrid market with the CT hatchback and the HS sedan.   Finally they offer the F Marque, which are their highest performance models.

So what do the letters mean in the model names? The first letter indicates the status in their lineup and the second letter represents the car body style. Thus, the LS stands for luxury sedan. The three numbers after those two letters represent the engine displacement in liters multiplied by one hundred, so a 350 means it has a 3.5-liter engine.

A large percentage of the Lexus line is produced at Toyota’s main plant in Tahara, Japan. The North American market is produced in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. In addition there are several other plants in Japan where these luxury cars are built. And before you ask yes, the quality control at these plants is excellent which is what you would expect from Toyota. Fourteen times since 1995 J.D. Power has named Lexus as the most reliable brand in the United States, and regularly J.D. Power gives its Platinum award to one of the Lexus plants for worldwide plant quality. Consumer Reports also named Lexus as one of the top five most reliable brands in the 2000s.

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