The Lexus LS, a full-size luxury sedan, has been considered the mainstay of the Toyota luxury division’s fleet since its initiation in 1990. Through four generations of aggressive market existence and brilliant workmanship, it has continued as the flagship product of Lexus. These days, when people crave the Lexus LS, they can purchase one at most major Lexus or individual car dealerships. The LS has definitely entrenched itself into fashionable civilization. In fact, an astounding statistic announced lately shows indisputably that every Lexus LS design discharged into the American States marketplace has developed into the top-selling car of its class; definitely a testimony to how admired this specific Lexus vehicle line has become.

In January of 1989, Lexus introduce two new vehicles at the North American International Auto Show. One of them was the Lexus LS 400. The LS 400 was designed to compete with other flagship vehicles from imports like Mercedes-Benz and BMW as well as American carmakers like Lincoln and Cadillac, which is why Toyota injected so much into the LS – a great deal more than it had for its other original models. It had an exceptionally luxurious interior with optional improvements on all of its interior utilities and could accommodate five people quite comfortably. The LS 400 rapidly became notorious for its particularly smooth and quiet ride. Lexus won’t allow us to forget that the LS is one of the most – if not the most – dependable luxury vehicle(s) ever built.

The car-purchasing public was definitely interested in the LS 400, which reached its peak at 42,000 sales in a calendar year. And, with a sticker price of $35,000 – quite a bit less than the normal market price for a car of this class – and some extremely viable features, the Lexus LS 400 raced to the front of the luxury cars sales column in America.