In the early 80’s Toyota made a rather bold decision and certainly a decision that was loaded with risk: take on the luxury vehicles manufactured in Europe with a brand new luxury vehicle of their own. And so it was. In 1989 Toyota introduced the brand new line of Lexus, the first Japanese-built luxury vehicle designed to challenge Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Jaguar and intended to beat those giant automakers at their own game.

Fast forward to today and Lexus is marketed in over seventy countries with the United States easily its largest market and it has consistently been ranked in the Top Five of luxury sedans, coupes, convertibles and SUVs. Not a bad record for the new kid on the block.

Prior to 2003 each and every Lexus was produced in Japan, but in 2003 a new manufacturing plant was opened in Ontario, Canada, and since then one has been added in Torrance, California, as the Lexus brand continues to gain in popularity. Backed by the trademark name of Toyota, Lexus is everything you would expect in a vehicle line made by a company known for reliability, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Think back to the history of Toyota, how every college-bound kid seemed to be driving a Toyota Corolla in the 60s and 70s, and how many of those same Corollas are still seen on the road again. That’s what you get with a Lexus only much, much more in the way of luxury and refinement.

Having been in America now for over twenty-two years there is no problem finding replacement parts for any Lexus you might own. However, because of recent catastrophic events in Japan and the unsettled economic conditions worldwide, the price of Lexus replacement parts are much higher than in previous years. That is why it only makes sense to shop wisely for aftermarket parts. The other option, however, is to buy recycled auto parts from a reputable salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts.

Shopping at a salvage yard for salvage parts only makes sense in today’s economy. Each used auto part is guaranteed and comes with a warranty, and because Lexus has been on the auto scene for so long it is not hard to find that salvage part you are looking for at upwards of 60% off regular price. In other words, it is still possible to own a luxury vehicle and afford the maintenance costs if you shop wisely at this Fort Worth salvage yard. Check out our Facebook page at for the latest in new arrivals. You won’t be disappointed that you shopped for green recycled auto parts from All Import Auto Parts.