The Lexus LX 470 was actually the first full-sized luxury SUV offered to the public and it had a rather nice run, from 1998-2007.  Think Toyota Land Cruiser with luxury and refinement and you have some idea of the Lexus LX 470.  An interesting description to be sure and it also points out what is this vehicles biggest drawback, namely the lack of consumers willing to pay for brute force, off-road capabilities in a luxury package.  This vehicle really is somewhat of an anomaly in its field, offering the capability to take on the worst of road conditions when most luxury SUV owners could care less.

Powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine, it was available in either a four-speed or five-speed automatic transmission that sent power to all four wheels in a permanent all-wheel drive.  At the same time, it delivered the serenity and comfort that has become a staple of the Lexus line.  With leather upholstery and nice wood trim, it also had 3rd row seating giving it an eight passenger capability that was very appealing to soccer moms in the nicer neighborhoods of America. 

So what was wrong with this vehicle? In truth, absolutely nothing; you could feel quite safe and very luxurious while taking on the toughest roads your neighborhood had to offer and in that tongue-in-cheek description you will find the only drawback to this fine Japanese import.  Why pay that kind of money for all-wheel capabilities when you most likely won’t use them? Why pay for the ability to cross the tundra of Alaska when the toughest road you will face is road construction in Los Angeles?  Basically you are paying a premium price for extras you will never use and that is the biggest complaint about the LX 470.

And yet it was a successful nine year run for the LX470 and that in itself says something about the American consumer.  In truth it also says something about the Lexus brand because for nine years they were able to consistently sell a powerful vehicle to people who had no need for it.

The bonus in all of this is the fact that once depreciated a used Lexus LX 470 was an excellent deal.  Buying a five or six year old LX 470 for $20,000 makes perfect sense as you will then be getting a rugged, luxurious, extremely safe vehicle for a pittance of the original price and you will still be able to impress anyone who rides in it across the wastelands of a modern city.  In other words, the perfect win-win situation.