As far as sports cars go, nothing is better than the Nissan 350z when you compare it based on price, style, power, luxury, comfort, handling, and safety. This car is one of the best sports cars on the market, not because it has the most powerful engine or other features that are second to none, but because it offers you the most features at a quality price. Features that are so important, they cannot be overlooked, especially during this hard economy, when car prices have plummeted, but you still need to find the best deal. One of these features is the 350z affordability; few sports cars are so reasonably priced, even in this poor economy.

If you want to own a sports car and not empty your wallet, then you need to do the obvious and purchase one that is not only inexpensive to buy, but easy to maintain. People always look at the purchase price of a vehicle to figure out how much it will cost them. Well if a $45,000 car is very durable and requires little to no maintenance over the first 5 years that is a great deal. However, what if there is a similar car with a few years on it that costs $20,000 and will need a couple thousands dollars of work over its next 5 years? Well that cost difference is big and it is a great way to save money and still get the 350z Nissan. You can also save money on that maintenance if you were to get the parts yourself online or at the local junkyard. By looking online for 350z parts you will be able to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year.

The less you have to pay on parts, the cheaper it will cost to maintain your vehicle for years and years, and that is what makes a $20,000 car better than a $45,000. The more money you can save the more fun you will have with your Nissan 350 z and the longer it will last you.