Various automobile manufacturers require an extra luxury brand to promote an exclusive sedan with a sticker price that positions it directly in the premium class.

Nissan owns a luxury brand – Infiniti – but it actually doesn’t need the special designation to draw consumers to its Maxima. This sedan manages very well in the marketplace simply as a Nissan.

The Maxima built its quality status a while before Nissan launched the Infiniti variety in 1990 and, from the beginning, the Maxima has been one of those target cars patrons obviously adore.

The Maxima continues to maintain its position as the flagship of the Nissan brand in 2010, and definitely warrants a luxury title like Infiniti.

Nissan advertises its newest Maxima as a “four-door sports car,” maintaining that it’s going back to its pedigree after a few years as basically a snazzier edition of the cheaper Altima family sedan.

The Maxima, which is built at the company’s Tennessee plant, is Nissan’s best-selling, and is acquired by most consumers for what it truly is – a first-class family sport sedan that looks marvelous and is also really enjoyable to drive. The Maxima is made for people who take pleasure in their time behind the wheel and adore cars.

It really is a sedan though – not really a sports car. Nissan has two sports cars already – the GT-R super car and the 370Z. But a parent who craves a vehicle that provides sports-car performance that will take the children to baseball practice, the Maxima is definitely your car.

Nissan is offering two Maxima models this year: the base S model, with an initial price of $30,690 and the up-scale SV with a base price of $33,410.

The Maxima is one of Nissan’s most admired models of all time, and it has a solid record of endurance. Initially launched in 1981, four out of every five Maximas ever sold are still on the road, according to Nissan.