The sedan was introduced and took of in the 1990’s and many people were skeptical of it. It was smaller than a sports utility vehicle, bigger than a car, and had more showmanship than a minivan. However, once people gave it a chance it started to grow on them, especially the Nissan Maxima. Few sedans can match the maxima with all of its amazing features including; comfort, room, power, safety, and durability. For over a decade this model has been one of the highest selling sedans and continues to do well year in and year out.

Another great feature is the maxima engine which is one of the most powerful engines found in any sedan. That power is important for people who want a larger car with a little giddy up under the hood. There are many other features that attract people to this car including its durability. Cars are very expensive these days, especially if you want to buy one new, and the more durable a vehicle is, the more money you will save over the years. If you need to replace your current vehicle with a new one every five years because there are new problems with it than that is not a durable car. A durable vehicle is one that gives you years of great service and as the years add up, the major parts still work. Things will need to be replaced eventually with any vehicle, but a durable one can last a long time. Another great feature is that Nissan Maxima parts are actually very easy to find used, online or at a junk yard. By getting used parts rather than new ones you can save a lot of money keeping your vehicle on the road. New parts are not superior to older ones in any way other than price, and that is a major difference. So if you want to keep your maxima Nissan on the road for a long time, you need to know the best places to find used parts for cheap.