Since we are going to discuss Nissan parts in this article let’s give you a little background about Nissan Motor Company because it is worth noting.

The origins of Nissan Motor Company began in 1914 with engine testing and experimentation, followed by the first corporation, Kwaishinsha Motor Company in 1918. This was later changed to DAT Motor Company in 1925 and eventually to Datsun and then Nissan. What is important to note to any car history buff, or even the novice out there, is that these people have been making vehicles for almost one hundred years, and they are pretty darn good at it. In fact, the Nissan VQ engine, a V6 configuration, has been voted one of Ward’s Ten Best Engines for fourteen straight years, so we are talking some serious pedigree under the hood of a Nissan car or truck.

The next thing you should know is that Nissan is a Japanese auto company that is noted for making reliable vehicles because of exceptional craftsmanship. You would expect nothing less from a company that has been doing this for nearly a century.

Finally please note that because they make reliable vehicles, it can logically be assumed that Nissan makes reliable replacement parts and your assumption would be dead on.

Have said all that, and considering the fact that Nissan’s world sales is over four million per year and counting, one can also correctly assume that it isn’t too difficult to find Nissan parts in America. Any auto parts store will carry a full line of used parts for Nissans, and naturally any Nissan dealership will also carry them. But now we come to the whole point of this article.

Why would you pay top dollar for a replacement part when any reputable salvage yard, like All Import Auto Parts, has that same replacement part for a much lower cost? In most cases you are looking at savings of up to 60% by buying through a salvage yard, and that’s the savings on the used part. We don’t have to tell you what labor costs are for repairs, do we? Anywhere from $40-$60 per hour for a certified mechanic is what you can expect to pay.

In today’s tough economy it just makes good dollar sense to shop at a reputable salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts for your used import parts. If it is a Nissan then chances are excellent that once you buy that import car part you won’t have to replace it again.