As the economy continues to try and rebuild, some experts have said that the recession is technically over. Well do not try and laugh too hard at this news, but perhaps we can agree that if there is one benefit to the last several years it is that we all have received a first class education on budgeting and saving money. Gone are the days of financing new cars that take up half our monthly income. We now know the right ways to get from point A to point B and that is with a used vehicle. A great example is the Nissan Q45, a durable and affordable vehicle that can last you for years.

One of the advantages to this vehicle and its durability is that it is very easy to maintain. As a car gets older parts start to get worn down, no car is immune to this. However, a car like the Q45 is easy to find replacement parts for if you look online or at your local junk yard. Let’s say you need to replace something like the car electronics. New electronics can cost someone hundreds of dollars. That is why you need to find used parts because they are of the same quality but such cheaper. Car accessories like stereos, speakers, cd players, rear view mirrors, side view mirrors, latches and much more can be easy to find and inexpensive to replace. However, when you take the car into the mechanic and let them order parts, you are getting nearly the same thing for a much larger price. That is the biggest mistake people make when they are trying to save money. They can look for parts online or go to their local junk yard.

People think that used parts may be inferior to new ones. That is not true, in fact many times the reason used parts are available is because other parts of the vehicle were broken or the car was in an accident. Nissan parts are durable, affordable, and extremely easy to find. There is no reason why you want to spend a large amount of money on something if you can find it for cheap. As the years add up on your vehicle, the main reason of keeping an older model is because it is cheaper than owning a new one. Well if you pay for new and overpriced parts, that reason becomes irrelevant.