For people who just want something that has quality, dependability, a respectably strong engine, great gas mileage, comfort, safety, and solid handling, the Nissan Sentra is the way to go. This car offers all that and so much more because of its affordability, especially in these hard economic times. Older models are also still going strong and that appeals to anyone who is on a tight budget. As far as economy cars go, this one is one of the very best you can have. It is affordable to buy, cheap to maintain, and can last you years and years.

When you buy an economy car you are not looking for blazing speed, you are looking for quality. Nothing proves a cars quality more than how much it costs year in and year out to maintain the vehicle and the Sentra is very easy to maintain. As the vehicle gets older however, parts will begin to wear down and break, as they do with every vehicle, so now the test of its quality will be in how much money you have to spend to replace these parts. Well you can find cheap sentra parts online or at the local junk yard rather than buying new parts from a store or a mechanic. When you purchase parts from a mechanic they charge you so much more because they are not only paying retail themselves, they have to charge for shipping and mark it up so that they can make a profit. If you go online to find used auto parts you can save yourself a lot of time and even more money. Used parts are extremely durable and they are as high a quality as new ones but cost so much less. If a new part is $100 and a used one is nearly as good but only costs $10, why would you buy the new one? It makes no sense to overpay for new parts when you can find cheap Nissan sentra parts online in a short amount of time.