Sit back, grab a cold one, and prepare to learn about one of the pillars of the automotive industry.

Nissan Motors, one of the giants in car manufacturing and as dependable a name as you could ever hang your hat on, began its empire in 1914 with its first car, the DAT. The name Nissan became a part of the corporate structure in 1930 and the first Nissan car was made in 1934.

In the States the original brand was called Datsun, later switched to Nissan. What you, the car owner, needs to know is that Datsun/Nissan has been making automobiles for almost one hundred years and that my friends is called experience.

But we can hear you saying, “Well, yes, but do they make good, reliable cars?” Consider, if you will, that Nissan engines of the V6 configuration, have been voted by Wards as one of the 10 best engines for fourteen years in a row. In any language that says “reliable.”

Moving on, over the years literally hundreds if not thousands of makes and models have been made by Nissan Motors, and each make and model is the sum of thousands of parts, each one with the potential for trouble, and yet Nissan used cars and Nissan parts are continually mentioned as among the best on the market.

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