Fuel efficient vehicles are all the rave right now because gas prices are so high. However, if the car has great gas mileage but sacrifices other things like; handling, comfort, design, quality, safety or affordability, then is it really worth it? Fuel efficient cars are supposed to be the next step in vehicle evolution, but they take one step forward and three steps back. The Nissan Versa is a great example of how the fuel efficient car needs to be. It offers the standard and expected great gas mileage, but it also still gives you great quality and all the features you expect from a car like handling, safety, reliability and most of all, affordability. What is the point of buying a car that saves you money if it costs twice as much as others?

Some people are skeptical of these gas friendly cars because they think parts are hard or expensive to replace. In some cases that may be true, but not with the Versa. If there is a problem with the car transmission for example, you can go to the mechanic for them to fix it. However, they will charge you for new parts, shipping and mark up the price so that they turn a profit. Then they will charge you for the labor as well. To lighten your bill up you could take the initiative to find the parts yourself online. Used auto parts are very easy to find online and if they are also very cheap. Just because they are used does not mean they are inferior in any way. In fact, used parts are nearly as good as new ones but cost so much less. If you need something fixed with your transmission manual, then you need to find the parts yourself online or at a junk yard. If you let someone order the parts for you, then there should be no shock when you get the bill and its way more than you expected.