The Toyota Scion xA is the name of the five door subcompact car exported to the United States. It is known as the Toyota ist in Japan. This car was marketed in the United States between 2004-2006 before Toyota ceased importing it into America in December 2006. It was soon to be replaced by the Scion xD. One significant difference between the xA and xD is the fact that the former had its instrument gauges located in the center above the dashboard whereas the latter’s gauges could be found behind the steering wheel.



The first time that the American public laid eyes on the Scion xA was on January 2, 2003 where it was on display at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show along with the xB version. These automobiles were introduced to the American market at a snail’s pace. It was only possible to purchase the Scion xA at one of 104 dealerships in California. No other state stocked this model. This was a deliberate marketing ploy to create a buzz for the vehicle before it eventually came on general release.


Pure Price

It was part of a Toyota sales strategy for Scion cars which the company called ‘Pure Price’. All the price details of Scion models were placed on advertising boards at car dealerships. This included the price of Scion accessories, finance and insurance products. The purpose was to take away the process of negotiation as the price was on display in black and white. It was hoped that this would attract more customers hoping for a quick and easy purchasing process rather than having to haggle with experienced salespeople. In the years 2004-2006, the Scion xA sold approximately 75,000 units in the United States.


Limited Editions

Three special edition versions of the car were released between 2005 and 2006. 2005 saw the limited edition release of the xA RS 1.0 and 2.0. The 1.0 was only available in ‘Absolutely Red’ color with standard xA accessories including a power moon roof and sports grille. Just over 1,500 units of this model were produced.


1,700 units of the 2.0 were released and it was only available in Spectra Blue Mica color. In 2006, the 3.0 was developed and only available in Stingray Metallic light blue color with just over 2,000 units produced. Its run was soon to end with Toyota electing to improve the model and replace it with the Scion xD. This model has been less successful thus far, selling just under 55,000 units between 2007-2009.