Just when Subaru of America thought things couldn’t get any better, along came September, 2014.

Subaru of America recently reported a 31 percent increase in sales for September, 2014, resulting in the best September ever for Subaru.  That great September means sales for the year are now up twenty percent over this time last year, with 313,407 units sold to date, and that also means that Subaru of America has not seen thirty-four consecutive months of growth.

The Subaru Legacy, Forester, Outback, and XV Crosstrek all showed their best Septembers.

Thomas J. Doll, president and chief operating officer for Subaru of America, stated:  “Our products continue to attract both loyal Subaru owners and a larger than ever group of conquest customers due to the strength of our product line-up and the commitment of our retailers to an outstanding purchase and ownership experience.”

Well, whatever they are doing, they are doing it well.  Sales per model were as follows in September, 2014:

$1·         Forester 12,584

$1·         Impreza 4,040

$1·         WRX 1,170

$1·         Legacy 6,198

$1·         Outback 11,315

$1·         BRZ 506

$1·         XV Crosstrek 5,691

Add it all up and it totals one heck of a month for Subaru of America.

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