Subaru Motor Company began as FHI, or Fuji Heavy Industries, and they were an aircraft research laboratory in 1915.  In 1932 they were named Nakajima Aircraft Company and they became the number one aircraft manufacturer for Japan during World War II.

After the war they reorganized again and became Fuji Sangyo Co and produced the Fuji Motor Scooter using spare aircraft parts.  By 1955 they had reorganized again and turned their attention to the production of automobiles.  The first Subaru car was called the Subaru 1500 and was introduced that same year.  Over the years Subaru has manufactured hundreds of thousands of cars including the Sambar, the 1000, the R-2, the Brat, Leone, Alcyone, Legacy, Impreza, Forester, Tribeca, Exiga, BRZ, and Crosstrek.

Subaru is an all-wheel drive car with a great reputation for stable driving in inclement weather conditions, and it is also known for its unique Boxer Engine.  The Boxer Engine uses horizontal pistons which resemble boxers punching at each other.  Unlike the conventional vertical piston movement which causes excess wear and tear on an engine, the horizontal movement of pistons in the Subaru is much less exhausting for an engine.  It is perfectly balanced and provides greater fuel efficiency. 

Most conventional engines are named V6 or V8, referring to the number of cylinders. The Boxer Engines are called flat-4 or flat 6 in reference to the horizontal layout.  They are amazingly powerful as can be seen in the BRZ turbocharged, a flat-4 that gets an amazing 305 horsepower and goes from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, an incredible performance from such a small engine.

Subaru truly is an engineering marvel in the world of automobiles, and their sales reflect that fact.  All of their replacement parts show great craftsmanship, whether you are looking at their transmissions, braking systems, or fuel pumps.  Subaru truly is a quality car!

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