During the 1990’s it seemed like every car manufacturer was trying to create a line of sports utility vehicles. There were the luxury ones, the large ones, midsize ones, and some that seemed to rival a tank in size and durability. This is when the Toyota 4 Runner was introduced and it gave people a new sports utility vehicle to look at. It was not only the style, safety ratings and price that drew people to the Toyota 4 Runner, it was also the features like a back up camera, electronic off road gadgetry such as things that would automatically modulate brakes and throttle to maintain smooth descents. The features were outstanding and blew most of the competition away.

As the years have gone on, many other sports utility vehicles have caught up to the 4 Runner, but few have proven to be as durable. That is why people love hanging on to theirs but need to find cheaper ways of keeping it on the road. Import car parts can be very expensive, especially for older models when you buy them new. That is why you need to find salvage parts at junk yards to replace broken parts on your vehicle. Toyota used parts from junk yards, online stores, and other places are nearly as good as new import car parts but are a fraction of the price. Salvage parts have some wear and tear but are still strong and can last nearly as long as a new part, but cost a fraction of the price. When you are trying to replace a broken part with a Toyota used part you can easily find them today by searching online or going to a junk yard. One thing you can not ignore is the amount of money you will be saving by actually taking the time to find these parts. If you need to replace something that new costs $1,000 and may last you 5 years, and you can find it used for $100 and it lasts you 3 years, which is a better choice? It is actually that obvious  and one of the reasons you should look strongly into finding Toyota used parts to replace broken parts on your Toyota 4 Runner.