The Toyota Avalon, a full-size, comfort-oriented sedan, is the Japanese carmaker’s flagship and the largest passenger car Toyota currently sells in the United States. Toyota replaced the Cressida with the Avalon in 1995 to compete with the Chrysler 300, the Buick Lucerne and the Hyundai Azera. Its chief rival in the Affordable Large Car class is the 2010 Ford Taurus. The Avalon is front-wheel drive and powered by a V-6 engine, while the Cressida was an upper-level, midsize rear-wheel drive car with a Straight-6 power plant. 

The Avalon, designed and manufactured with American roads in mind, is large, steady and powerful. Its 3.5-liter engine generates 268 horsepower and 248 foot-pounds of torque. It comes standard with a six-speed automatic transmission. Toyota bases the Avalon on a profoundly customized edition of the preceding Camry chassis. 

Experts have found the Toyota Avalon to be an excellent large sedan in road tests. It’s luxurious on the highway and its V-6 engine is powerful and smooth while providing inspiring fuel economy. Though it handles quite well, the Avalon is no sports sedan. The Avalon is a full-size sedan that stresses comfort over athleticism. 

Toyota makes the Avalon as flattering to view as it is to drive. Its mixture of stylish design, grand comfort and driving pleasure is immediately evident as driver and passengers slide into the leather-trimmed seats and feel the rush of the powerful engine. 

The Toyota Avalon has developed a well-deserved status as an alternative to entry-level luxury automobiles and an impressive large sedan. It has always had plenty of interior room, a good reputation for reliability and performed well with its V-6 power.

A new or used Avalon is certainly an excellent automobile for those considering a full-size, comfortable sedan. Alterations to the current, third-generation Avalon have been minimal since Toyota introduced it in 2005. Therefore, hundreds of Toyota used parts are available from foreign auto parts dealers like All-Import Auto Parts. Therefore, instead of purchasing cheap auto parts locally, an admirable alternative is to order quality car accessories and auto parts online.