The Toyota Previa, which unites the performance of a sedan with the flexibility and roominess of a van, sets innovative standards for quality People Carriers. As a result, the Previa has been one of the best-selling People Carriers for the last five years. 

The Previa is a multi-purpose vehicle or MPV commonly called a minivan in the United States. Toyota chose the name “Previa” – translated as “preview” in Italian – because the Japanese carmaker saw it as a vehicle that would preview technologies used in future minivans. 

The Previa possesses all the necessary comfort features. It blends the essential elements of practicality, luxury, comfort and style in an affordable minivan. Toyota manufactures the Previa to appeal to families, but many businesses that want to transport customers in comfort appreciate it as well. It can seat as many as eight people in its fashionable, spacious interior. The third-row bench seat splits and folds easily against the sidewalls, providing plenty of cargo space. The driver seat also offers great comfort and visibility. 

Toyota’s base Previa is rear-wheel drive, but an all-wheel drive model is available. Its four-cylinder engine is longitudinally mounted and located under the floor between the front seats and tilted toward the passenger’s seat to fit the tight space. 

The Toyota Previa is equipped with a responsive 2.4-liter 16-valve twin-cam four-cylinder engine that generates 138 horsepower. Combined with a four-speed automatic transmission, it distributes smooth power, superior driving performance, superior fuel economy and low emissions. There are modified and reconditioned power plants for the Previa that produce as much as 160 horsepower. 

The Previa’s sophisticated suspension system ensures steadiness and an extremely comfortable ride. Toyota also designed advanced vibration and noise-dampening features into the Previa for a calm and tranquil ride. Its stylish, strong body provides excellent crash safety ratings.

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