If there was ever a car built to accommodate people during a struggling economy it was the Toyota Prius. What makes this car so great is not only its outstanding fuel economy that allows you to drive past the gas stations where prices still go up and up. What also makes it great is that it still has a strong engine, outstanding handling, and most of all, it is very affordable. Hybrid cars were built for people who wanted to save money, but some manufacturers believe that means just on gas. What is the point of buying a hybrid that has great fuel mileage but costs thousands of dollars more to purchase? That is why the Toyota Prius is the benchmark for the hybrid class. It has elite fuel mileage and is very affordable to buy.

There have been some people who claim this is a bad purchase because parts for the Prius are very expensive. Well that is true, but the same goes for any car, new parts for a used vehicle are always expensive and that is why you need to replace broken or worn down parts with Toyota used parts. The reason you want to use automotive used parts rather than new ones is not only because of the money. Automotive used parts are durable, just like new import car parts but they are also easy to find. New import car parts have to be ordered by a mechanic or dealership, where as Toyota used parts can be found at the junk yard or online. Another great thing is that even though a part is older, it can still last a long time. A new part for your Prius may cost you $1,000 and last you four years. The same part used and purchased at a junk yard may only last two years but it will cost you $100. So after four years you may have to replace the part twice but you still have saved $800. That is why it is very important to shop smart and not waste your money. People think that parts for the Toyota Prius are very expensive, they are wrong. New parts are very expensive but Toyota used parts are cheap and easy to find.