When it comes to fuel efficient, affordable cars, few can compare with the Toyota Yaris. This tiny car does seat its passengers comfortably, has good safety ratings, and an attractive interior. It is perfect for the person who is simply trying to get from point A to point B without having their vehicle cost them an arm and a leg. The Toyota Yaris is a great economy car for many reasons, especially when you consider the hard economic times we are faced with today. What has become more and more popular is that people are purchasing older models of the car they want to help them save thousands on a purchase price. It makes a lot of sense because if a specific model has not gone through drastic changes and you can find one a few years older that is thousands of dollars less, than why not do it.

One misconception about the older version of the Yaris is that the parts are hard to find and expensive to replace. That is not true, especially if you are purchasing Toyota used parts. Used car parts are cheap and can easily be found at your local junk yard or online. Import car parts are expensive not only because they are new, but also because they have to be shipped to your mechanic or dealer. That is why people give import car parts a bad reputation, and claim they are expensive when it actually is just the new parts that are. Toyota used parts are easily found and are very affordable. They are also more durable than people think, and can usually last nearly as long as a new part. Used car parts are an important way to help people keep their vehicles running and not break the bank. As the economy tries to rebound you do not want your vehicle in the shop every month with expensive parts needed to be replaced. If you simply find Toyota used parts at the junk yard or online store, you can save a lot of money each year and keep your Toyota Yaris running great.