For well over thirty years the Volkswagen Golf has provided people with a great car for a great price. As one of the best selling cars ever produced by the manufacturer it is has been made with front-wheel drive and been available either as a 3 door or 5 door hatchbacks. Another great feature of the Golf is how well it handles and the gas mileage it gives. Many people like to focus on the car accessories a model will have and this model certainly comes with plenty, however, the important things in a vehicle have little to do with what kind of speakers and sound system it has, the importance is in the car itself.

If you plan on owning a vehicle for more than a couple of years you need to research the durability of each model. A lot of times you can use your daily drive to and from work to help you figure that out. If you do not see too many older models of the car your interested in purchasing on the road, that could mean there is a problem with them lasting year after year. This car is very durable and will last you a long time, however, like every car there will be parts that need to be replaced because of wear and tear or even because they break. When that happens you can either spend a lot of money on new and expensive parts or you can shop online or at a junk yard for salvage parts. Older parts that are salvaged from cars that were involved in accidents or had problems not worth repairing, are still in great condition and are very affordable. Many people make the mistake of thinking that used car parts are inferior to new ones but that is not true. Used parts are still great in quality; they are just considerably cheaper than new ones because they are used. If you have to replace several parts or even an expensive one you can save hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars a year by getting older quality parts.