One of the most popular selling family cars in the United States and all around the world is the Volkswagen Jetta and it has been for years. The Jetta offers people an affordable car with great features for a small family that is also comfortable and has great handling. Many people make the mistake of comparing it to a compact car, it is not. In fact it is quite roomy and can easily handle a family of four or five. Another great feature to this car is it gives great gas mileage and also has great safety features. One thing that many people look for in a vehicle when they go to purchase it new is the resale value, are older models of this car being sold for a respectable price? This car does have a great resale value, not only because it is durable, but also because many of the replacement parts for it are actually quite affordable despite it being a foreign car.


The reason so many parts and car accessories are affordable is because rather than buying the parts new from a store or even a repair shop, people can go online or to a salvage yard and buy them for a lot less money. Used car parts are a great bargain when you consider the quality you are getting from them. While they have been used already, they are not inferior to new parts and in fact are quite durable still. New import car parts can be very expensive if you purchase them new and that makes import cars less desirable, however, over the last few years it has been easier to locate and purchase cheap and dependable used parts thanks to online stores and people are buying used import cars more and more these days. You can even find the parts online when your car has to go into the shop for repairs, even if you are not that knowledgeable when it comes to cars. The mechanic will tell you the problems with the car, what parts they need to replace, and you can begin your search for cheaper parts that will still work great.