Originally designed from the Golf, the Volkswagen Rabbit has become one of the world’s best selling compact cars. There are plenty of reasons why this little car has been atop the sales lists for years, not only in Europe but all over the world. A big reason for that is because the Rabbit has a great package to offer drives which includes comfortability, solid gas mileage, durability, and amazing features. Another great feature about this car is its affordability which anyone can tell you is important these days. Even if you buy this vehicle used you are planning to have it for several years and you need it to last a while. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a car over the years and you need to have a good plan to keep it on the road.

Many people think a good plan is simply having a good mechanic, and while that is important, you still need more than that. Any mechanic no matter who they are has a person or shop they get parts from, and those parts are usually new which means you are paying a heavy price for them. The smart thing to do is to know the best route to take to purchase the parts yourself, either with online stores or by getting junkyard car parts. You may think that parts from a junk yard are junk, but they are not. Many of the parts are used but they are also in great condition and are very cheap to purchase. Parts car when bought new are not that much better than used car parts however, they cost much more, in some cases there is an 80% difference in price between the two. So if you have an older car and you know that you will need to find replacement parts over the next couple years the best places to look are online or at a junk yard.