Is it hot enough for you?  Imagine for a second how hot it would be to drive without air conditioning.  Or maybe you don’t have to imagine because your car AC isn’t working?  Well, if that’s the case there is a very good chance that your compressor isn’t working and boy do we ever have good news for you.

From now until the end of August, from Monday through Friday each week, we are offering a $25 off special on any in-stock compressor.  Obviously this comes at a perfect time for those of you wondering if the Texas heat will ever subside.

There is only one catch to this great special deal: you have to click on our Facebook page and hit the “like” button.  Once you do that you will receive a coupon good for that $25 off.  Now seriously, that’s not asking you to do too much is it?  The whole process of hitting the “like” button takes maybe 30 seconds, so in effect you are making $25 for thirty seconds of work.  And you think professional athletes are overpaid?

We will repeat this offer for those of you who think maybe you misread it: if you hit the “like” button on our Facebook page you will receive a $25 off coupon for any in-stock compressor at our salvage yard.

So maybe you don’t know if you need a compressor; that’s a valid concern and one we can help you with.  The most obvious sign that you need a replacement part for your compressor is if you look at your AC compressor under the hood after you have turned your AC on.  If the hub on the top of the compressor is not turning then you probably need a new one.  Yes, it could be bad wiring or a bad fuse or a broken AC switch in your dash, and hopefully it is none of those and you are low on refrigerant, but chances are if that hub is not turning you need a new compressor.

And yes, you can buy new or you can do what thousands of smart shoppers do every week and that is buy used parts at a reputable junk yard.  And salvage yards don’t come any more reputable than All Import Auto Parts, where replacement parts are guaranteed and backed by our many years of quality customer service.

Seriously, with the weather as hot as it has been, maybe you should just go ahead and buy a compressor whether you need one or not because chances are you will need one eventually.  Come on down, take advantage of the $25 coupon, and guarantee yourself many hours of comfortable driving.