The year was 1986, and Honda opened 60 new dealerships in North America.  The reason:  to introduce the Acura automobile to the American public.  Acura was the first Japanese luxury car, and they had an initial offering of two vehicles, the executive Legend and the compact Integra.

They marketed under the slogan, ‘Acura, precision Crafted Performance,” and they were instantly successful in North America.  In their first full year, Acura had 109,000 car sales with the Legend accounting for 55,000 sales and the Integra having 54,000.  By 1990, Acura showed 138,000 in sales.

Their instant success led to the introduction of the Toyota Lexus in 1983, and Nissan’s Infiniti in 1985.

How successful was Acura vs the big German luxury cars?  Compare their 1990 sales figure of 138,000 vs. Mercedes 78,000 cars and BMW’s 64,000 cars.  Yes, they were successful, but in later years their market share dropped as other car dealers responded to Acura’s success.

Still, over the years, Acura has established a niche for themselves, and their claim for precision-crafted performance was accurate.  Acura car parts are, indeed, precision parts. Whether we are talking about new, aftermarket parts, or Acura used parts, they are built to last and that is good news for anyone looking to by replacement parts at a salvage yard.

Buying automotive used parts is sometimes a risky business, but if you are dealing with a reputable salvage yard, like All Import Auto Parts, then you can rest assured that the recycled parts that you buy are quality and guaranteed.  When you combine quality Acura precision with reputable salvage yards like All Import, you have a winning combination of customer service and quality used parts.  In other words, the customer can’t lose on the deal

How about availability?  Acura dealerships are now in the hundreds in America, so availability of new parts is not a problem.  Cost, however, can be a problem, and that is why salvage yards are a viable alternative.  With thousands of salvage yards across the country, and online inventories available in an instant, finding the Acura used part that you need is as easy as the click of your computer mouse.

In other words, why pay more for new parts when you can find quality recycled auto parts at so much less?

Yes, Acura has come a long way since 1986, a real success story indeed. Today the name Acura stands for fine craftsmanship on the American market.