The Range Rover is Land Rover’s speedy luxury SUV that first made its way onto the automotive landscape in 1970. The Range Rover has been considered one of the world’s finest sports utility vehicles since it first hit the road. Range Rovers were purchased on the grey market until 1987, but have been sold on the open market in the United States ever since.

The Range Rover’s engine gives it excellent on- and off-road performance. The slim and trim Rover V8 engine was installed in the early Range Rovers, while the later models are powered by the Jaguar V8 engine.

Land Rover manufacturers have launched three main models: the original, called the Classic model; its successor, the Range Rover P38; and the newest model, the L322.

The P38, initiated in 1995, brought with it a Range Rover engine modification. Since then, Range Rovers have come equipped with Rover V8 engines. The P38 was even more comfortable than the original edition – with improved engine power, first-class leather finishing and air suspension.

The L322, first manufactured in 2002, includes many of the features of the BMW. It revealed handling and riding improvements. In recent years, the L322 has been improved with an innovative engine and an exclusive infotainment center.

From the minute you step into the dealer’s office until you’re sitting in the luxurious interior riding into the sunset, the Range Rover provides a unique experience. It’s lustrous and rides like a fantasy. The classic model was notorious for its engine power, torque and fuel-saving ability. The latest models combine that with attractiveness, speed and distinction. It’s definitely a prestigious vehicle, and maintaining it won’t come cheap.

The Range Rover is obviously a high-class vehicle. You will need to replace some Range Rover parts at some point. Buying parts directly from a dealership can be costly, which is why it’s advantageous to buy from a reliable online dealer. Maintaining your luxury SUV won’t be a nightmare with the appealing prices of Land Rovers parts you can find online.

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