The Audi automobile is a creation of renowned German engineering, and is famous for its legendary performance and handling in every imaginable road condition. This precise handling depends on specific Audi car parts that require replacement at regularly scheduled intervals.

If your Audi seems to recoil more than it once did after running over a bump in the road, you probably need to replace your old shock absorbers. These Audi car parts are not terribly costly, and they are rather simple to replace. The consequences of disregarding your shocks and other parts of your suspension can be extremely costly, however. 

You should also take a look at your fuel system components on a regular basis. That’s definitely a matter to think about these days with gasoline prices increasing every time you back out of your garage. If your Audi has a dirty air filter, it can be wasting as much as 5% of your fuel, which can really add up over a year or so. Other Audi parts on which your fuel system depends include its PCV valve, its O2 sensor and its fuel filter. Fuel injectors are some of the most efficient fuel delivery devices ever invented, but they are precise devices that can become clogged very easily. Fuel injectors are among the discount Audi car parts that are readily available online and in local auto parts stores.

You’ll probably wind up installing a new set of radiator hoses at least once every two years. Belts are other parts that tend to wear out frequently. Some Audi car parts will last at least 100,000 miles, but items like hoses and belts wear out far more frequently. Paying attention to these details can go a long way toward making sure your Audi is performing at its best for many years to come.