The Leganza, known as Daewoo’s flagship sedan, quietly made its way into the jam-packed American market. The year it was unveiled, Daewoo Leganza burst on the scene with an exterior design that came from the combined endeavor of the in-house stylists and Giugiaro’s famous ItalDesign operation. This Italian studio was responsible for designing many highly commended and alluring cars, including the Lexus GS300.

The Leganza was the largest and the most expensive of the three cars produced by Daewoo in the 1999 model year. Initially, the Daewoo Leganza was offered in three basic trims – the SX, SE and the top-of-the-line CDX. Each Leganza model was powered by a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine. The SX and the CDX came equipped with a four-speed automatic gearbox, while the SE model came with a standard five-speed manual transmission.

The word “aggressive” appropriately describes the Daewoo Leganza. With all its traits and distinctiveness, this car is competitive with all other Japanese cars in its class. The Leganza offers a roomy interior, excellent handling and an abundance of features that make it well worth its price tag. Although it can contend, Leganza didn’t claim to surpass its competitors, particularly those that were produced by the major car manufacturers. It pledged good performance, but not spectacular.

The Leganza’s most striking features were the splendid quality of its paint finish and its body assembly. So, if ever any Daewoo car parts are damaged, be sure to replace them with components that are of the same quality as the original. Sure, the Leganza may not be the most outstanding car on the market, but it warrants high-quality Daewoo car parts.

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