It’s summertime in the Ft. Worth area and you know what that means: hot, hot weather!  It also means summer driving as road trips are planned to the far corners of the state and country.  With that in mind, don’t you think it’s about time you paid a little attention to the cooling system in your car?

All Import Auto Parts is your one-stop shopping experience for replacement parts for that cooling system of yours.  Need an AC compressor? How about an AC condenser or evaporator? Have you checked the AC lines, or the fan motor, blade, or shroud? How is that radiator functioning?  Any trip planning is incomplete without giving some serious thought to the cooling system of your automobile and seriously, why pay top dollar at an auto parts store or dealership when you can find that replacement part at our premium salvage yard.  We carry used import parts for all import makes and models and new aftermarket parts for domestics and imports, and no matter what you need we guarantee our used parts are less expensive than those purchased at a retail auto parts store.

Here’s another tip for you as summer settles in: sign up on our Facebook page as well as Twitter and the rss feeds that send notifications of specials and new arrivals directly to your email address.  That way you are always in the know about new deals when they happen.  All Import Auto Parts is the junkyard for the 21st Century.  Customers no longer have to wander around the salvage yard looking for that used part they need; now all you have to do is sign up online and all the information you ever wanted is right there for you to browse at your leisure.  This really is your one-stop shopping experience for used and new parts.

So get out the road maps and start planning that trip, but before you do that check all the cooling parts on your vehicle so your trip will be cool and trouble-free.  We don’t know what else we can do for you short of helping you with the driving, and if we could do that AND run our business we’d be glad to.  Have a great summer and have fun on that road trip!