“Recycling Today For A Better Tomorrow.”  Those words mean something to the owners and staff of All Import Auto Parts.  Besides being a salvage yard business, we are also in the business of recycling, and we take that business very seriously.

Did you know that the average vehicle is made up of almost 100% recycled material?  The modern vehicle is one of the few products that can make that claim, and it’s a good thing for the environment.  Think of some of the parts on your vehicle: the engine, the alternator, the radiator and the transmission.  All of these are made from recycled iron and steel, and recycled iron and steel means less mining for iron ores, and that is a very good thing for the environment.  If you have ever driven by a mining operation you will immediately understand that last statement.  One does not soon forget the blight inflicted on the landscape by a modern mining operation.  And let us not forget that less mining means less use of energy.

But the benefits of recycling domestic and import car parts does not stop there.  When we recycle batteries, air conditioning units, and radiators, we are preventing the harmful release of dangerous liquids into the ground, thus affecting the soil and the ground water, which in turn prevents damage to crops, animals, and eventually our drinking water.

There is virtually no waste in a modern recycling process.  What isn’t made into quality replacement parts for your vehicle is properly disposed of so that it cannot harm the environment, and that is a win-win situation for all concerned. 

The modern junk yard is anything but a junk yard; rather, it is a service yard and you, the customer, reap the benefits of that service.  When you buy a replacement part from All Import Auto Parts, you are experiencing savings of up to 60% and with the warranty that accompanies that purchase you can rest assured that you are receiving a quality replacement part.  We realize, however, that there are those out there who are still nervous about buying a used part, so we have expanded our business to include new aftermarket parts, just like you would buy at an auto parts store or dealership.

So here is the bottom line: at All Import Auto Parts you are buying quality and guaranteed used parts, you are aiding in the recycling efforts, and you are improving the environment.  You win, the environment wins, and our business grows in the process.  You see, we really do believe in those words, “Recycling Today For A Better Tomorrow.”