Christmas is coming!  We know, you already know, but we thought a little reminder wouldn’t hurt any of us.  So, have you done your Christmas shopping yet?  Video games for Junior?  Check!  Charm bracelet for Jeannie?  Check!  New bone for Fido?  Check!

But what about the Do-It-Yourselfer in the family?  What about the grease monkey who loves to tinker with all things mechanical?  What are you going to get that grease-stained anachronism?  A new tie?  Seriously?

Do the only thing that makes any sense at all and get your car jockey a gift certificate from All Import Auto Parts.

Stop and think about this for a second and you’ll see the wisdom in it.  Not only will you be buying him a gift he can really use and really wants, but you’ll have him out of the house for a few hours while he goes to All Import and roams around our lot….and there is a lot of roaming he can do here.

What does he need?  Body parts for his Volkswagen?  We’ve got them!  Electrical parts for his Audi?  We’ve got them!  Engine parts for his Toyota?  We’ve got them!  Interior parts for his Nissan?  We’ve got them!

In fact, with millions of quality used auto parts on our lot, chances are we’ll have just about anything that guy of yours could want.  Stereo upgrade?  Maybe he’s been wanting a Bose Stereo System, but they have always been too expensive for him.  Well not at All Import Auto Parts,  With savings of up to 50%, there is no such thing as “too expensive” no matter what auto part he may need or want.

Does he need a replacement transmission? How about a replacement engine?

Yes, we have them and yes, they are affordable!

So let’s review what we know so far:

$1·         You don’t have a clue what to buy that special guy in your life

$1·         All Import Auto Parts has everything that car jock could want

$1·         All Import Auto Parts has huge discounts on all replacement parts

$1·         By buying a gift certificate from All Import, you’ll be making that guy very happy

$1·         When he’s done fixing the car, van, truck, or SUV, you benefit by getting to ride in it.

$1·         You make him happy with this gift certificate, and if he’s happy then you are happy

That about covers it, don’t you think?

All Import Auto Parts, the In-Place for Christmas shopping.