In eleven days we will celebrate Earth Day, that annual wordwide event that allows us to stop and contemplate how we can help this planet that we live on.

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day today is observed by 175 nations as awareness grows.  Events are held in towns around the world; thousands of schools have special events like tree plantings and more and more communities pick up the pace in their recycling efforts.

Look at how far we have come.  The 1940 Census was just released and that serves as a perfect reference point regarding Earth Day.  In 1940 the idea of recycling was about as foreign an idea as you could imagine.  Car factories in the United States were churning out close to five million cars, each one of which required raw materials produced from mining efforts.  When people had used oil it was usually dumped on the ground to soak into the ground and eventually end up in the water supply.  Newspapers were tossed away and more trees cut down for the next day’s news.

Now look at where we are!  All Import Auto Parts is of course doing our daily thing to help in the recycling effort.  You may not have thought about this but every single item that we sell at our Fort Worth salvage yard is in fact a recycled auto part.  That simply means that instead of new auto parts being produced which of course means more mining, we are selling used replacement parts and lessening the effect of mining.

Every time you come to our modern junk yard you are doing your part for recycling and by extension for Earth Day.  Buying used batteries and then making sure you dispose of your old ones properly is helping the Earth.  Buying used transmissions helps the Earth.  Buying used radiators and making sure that your old radiator is properly recycled helps the Earth.  While you are doing that you are saving money because you all know by now that buying replacement auto parts like fuel pumps is less expensive and just a smart thing to do.

So here we are available to you so you can save money and help the environment.  Salvage yards were around in 1940 doing their part for a better environment long before anyone even cared about the environment.  We were the wave of the future and because of our loyal customers we will continue to be the wave of the future.  Thank you and we will see you soon!