Envision for a moment what today’s salvage yards look like; chances are that most of you out there still have a vision of the old-style junk yard where you wandered about acres of salvaged cars looking for the make and model that you needed and then hoping that the replacement part you need is on that junk heap.

Well, folks, those days are gone. Today’s salvage yards are modern businesses complete with computer inventory and the capability of finding the used part you need with the click of the computer mouse. Name any import used part: how about a 1990 Toyota Celica? Now be more specific: maybe you need the front bumper on a 1990 Toyota Celica. Fine! Go to All Import Auto Parts, tell them what you need, they check their current inventory and you instantly know if it is in their inventory.

But what if it isn’t? No problem! They do a computer check around America, find the bumper you need, and it is shipped immediately, saving you hours and hours of searching through other salvage yards in town.

Most used car parts can be found just that easily. All Import has at their disposal over five million used parts. Every make, model, and year of import can be found and every replacement part for that make and model can be found. And yes, we hear you saying but wait….I have an American car! What about me? Well, All Import saw you coming when they added a new line of aftermarket parts for imports AND domestics, so even if you own a Ford there is a real good chance that they have your replacement parts.

Back to the person who has an outdated view of salvage yards. That person is thinking that buying a used part from a salvage yard is a risky undertaking; how can they trust what they are buying? Well, All Import Auto Parts guarantees every single used car part on their lot so yes, you can feel safe in buying salvage parts. And we have saved the best news for last.

Buying salvage parts at reputable salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts saves you up to 60%. In today’s economy can you really pass up those kinds of savings when replacement parts at auto parts stores cost so much? Face it, for every single doubt that you have about salvage yards All Import Auto Parts has an answer. Give us a call and see why we are the number one salvage yard in Fort Worth.