So here’s the thing:  would you buy salvage parts for your automobile?  Would you buy junk from a junkyard for your automobile?

You see, the problem most salvage yards face today is image.  Buying used parts for your car or truck is an American tradition, but comparatively speaking a small percentage of Americans actually avail themselves of their local salvage yard and boy oh boy, are they ever missing out.

Consider for a moment the advantages to buying quality salvage parts.

One, you save money.  This is a huge advantage in today’s economy.  Most salvage yards offer discounts of up to 50% on salvage parts.  Read that again….up to 50%!  Think about what that means.  Buying a replacement transmission can cost easily between $1000 and $2000, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.  Now cut that in half and that is what you would pay at a salvage yard.  Think in those terms no matter what part you need for your vehicle….50% off.

At reputable salvage yards all used parts come with a warranty, so besides saving big bucks you are also shopping with confidence, knowing that the part you purchased will last you many, many miles.

By buying recycled auto parts you are helping the environment.  Every part that is purchased used means one part that does not have to be made from precious minerals and that means less mining.

Buying local means helping local businesses and not some overseas conglomerate.  Buying local means helping the local economy and that is always a good thing.

Buying salvage parts means learning how to install them yourself and thus saving money on labor costs at the auto shop.  Do you have money to waste?  No, we didn’t think so.

Remember all of these things the next time you need a replacement part for your car or truck.  Remember that buying from a junkyard does not mean you are buying junk. It simply means you are buying a quality used part that was taken from a junked car, most likely a car that was in an accident.  Logically, then, you can see that buying used makes sense.

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