Well that was quite the hailstorm we had last night in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  We at All Import Auto Parts are sending out good vibes hoping that you are all safe and sound after that beating from the skies.

Now, how did your vehicles make out in the storm?  Any hail damage to your hood?  How did the windshield make out?  Storms like these can do some serious damage to body parts on your import, beating the heck out of your Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Porsche.  It can leave your beautiful car looking like it just did ten rounds with Rocky Balboa!

Did you know that All Import Auto Parts is the number one salvage yard in the area for replacement body parts and window glass?  Yep, each year we top the list because over the years customers have come to realize that no matter what they need, from wheels to side view mirrors, from door panels to grilles, we are the place to shop for quality recycled auto parts.

Okay, the bad news is the storm did some damage to your car.  The good news is the repair does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Replacement parts are not expensive at All Import.  You can replace that windshield for pennies on the dollar compared to buying at a car repair shop, and replacing that windshield is not difficult at all.

Same goes with side panels, hood or trunk; all are easy to install and all can be found at All Import Auto Parts.  If you have never bought from a salvage yard before, let us tell you how easy it is.  Obviously right now you are online; use our search link to find the part you need; order it and we’ll have it waiting for you.  Or you can always just come in and tell us; within five minutes we will find the part you need and your problems will begin to disappear.  By shopping with us you are going to see savings of up to 50% and that will help take some of the sting out of the storm damage.

If you experienced damage from the storms we would like you to know how sorry we are.  Now come on down and give us a chance to help get that vehicle of yours back into premium shape.  Hopefully the storms have ended and we can get back to having a great week!