Auto Salvage Yards

Save money at auto salvage yards

Do you frequent auto salvage yards?

Do you even know where the nearest salvage yard is?

Do you have any idea how much money you can save at your local auto salvage yard?

Do you know the benefits of shopping for used car parts at a salvage yard?

Let’s explore those questions.  We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for over thirty years.  Give us a call at (817) 831-6316 if you have any questions.

Salvage yards are on the rise in the United States

Buying used auto parts at a salvage yard is becoming a very popular pastime in the U.S.  The heyday of salvage yards was back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was quite common back then for a guy and his son to drive to the local junkyard and look for a car part.  The goal, obviously, was to save money, but it was also a nice bonding time for father and son.

Time moved on, the economy improved, and people had more disposable income. Salvage yards diminished in number, people started buying new car parts from car parts stores, and it looked, for a time, like junkyards would die off.

But with the decline in the economy today, and the rise of the DIY movement, salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts are on the rise again, and people all over America are becoming aware of how much money can be saved buying salvage parts from a salvage yard.

How much money is saved buying salvaged parts?

Can you say fifty or sixty percent?  As in hundreds of dollars?  As in disposable income you can use for entertainment or a new big screen television.  You can save enough on a fuel pump to take your family out to dinner or to a movie.  Do you really have so much money that you don’t need to save it by taking advantage of a great bargain at your local salvage yard?

The benefits of buying used car parts

So what are those benefits, besides saving money?

You not only save money shopping for a car part at a place like All Import Auto Parts, but you also help save the environment.  Every used auto part means less mining to produce a new auto part.  It means less energy in making a new auto parts.

Buying from a local salvage yard means shopping local with local expenditures staying in a local economy.  If you  purchase a new car part from an auto parts store, part of the profits go to the car part manufacturer in some far-off  city.  Not true when you purchase from a salvage yard. The profits help to boost your local economy and everyone wins.

And remember we mentioned earlier the father and son roaming through the salvage yard with some serious male bonding?  It is never too late for male bonding, or for that matter female bonding.

Bottom line about auto salvage yards:  they are good for the local economy, they help the environment, and they are good on your budget.

How can you go wrong by going to All Import Auto Parts or a similar salvage yard in your city? All Import the salvage yard near me.

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