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Best deals on used car parts with warranty.

The term “used car parts” is a bit misleading and confusing to many people.  How “used” are those used car parts?  Used by whom?  Cared for by whom?  How trustworthy is something used?  Most of us want new things, so why purchase anything used?

All valid questions!  We are All Import Auto Parts, and after thirty years in the salvage yard industry, we have a valid perspective which we would like to share with you about used auto parts.  Our number is (817) 831-6316.  Give us a call about anything related to salvage yards and salvage parts.

Shall we delve into that perspective?

How used are those used car parts?

A 2019 BMW gets into a car wreck. The car is totaled but the engine is fine. All of the engine components only have ten-thousand miles on them, but they are still considered used car parts.

A 1999 BMW gets into a car wreck. The car is totaled but the engine is fine. All of the engine components have 120,000 miles on them, and they, too, are considered used car parts.

Know what you are purchasing!

But how can you purchase with confidence?

Trust in the salvage yard based on reputation and policies

Let’s take All Import Auto Parts for an example.  Even if you don’t live in Fort Worth, you can learn from All Import Auto Parts and their business model.

All Import Auto Parts has been in business for over thirty years.  It is the premier salvage yard in the Fort Worth area. Do you really think All Import would be in business that long if they offered poor product? Do you really think they would be trusted members of the community if they were in a substandard business selling substandard salvage parts?

Of course they wouldn’t!

But don’t take our word for it.  Look at our policies.  We offer a 90-day warranty on every single used car part we sell at All Import Auto Part.  You would purchase a twenty-year old fuel pump at All Import Auto Part and we would guarantee it for three months.  That kind of policy means the owners of All Import are pretty confident in their inventory, and it means you can buy with confidence.

What if they don’t have the used auto part you need?

It’s a valid question.  Even though All Import Auto Parts has over five-million used car parts, we still come across a situation where a costumer asks for something we don’t carry.

No worries!  There’s this thing called the internet.  We simply log on to our salvage yards app and search the United States for the used auto part you need.  We find it and we have it shipped immediately.  In most situations we can have that car part delivered to All Import Auto Parts within twenty-four hours.

No problem!

Quality service!  All Import Auto Parts, a business name which means trustworthiness.  All Import Auto Parts, a name which means quality service and topnotch product.

There is nothing misleading about thirty years leading the industry. There is no confusion about that type of track record selling used car parts.  Our customers know that and they’ve known it for three decades.

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