Auto scrap yard doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? The same can be said about a wrecking yards, or for that matter the most common name, a salvage yards. They all sound a bit harsh, a bit of a rejection for quality car parts, you know? Like something would do as a last resort.

The fact of the matter, however, is the opposite: there are over 82,000 salvage yards in the United States, and those salvage yards do billions in business each year. Why?  Because the economy is poor, people need to save money, people care about the environment, and they have come to trust that they will purchase quality used car parts at a fraction of the price of new.

So, there you go! We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and today we’d like to discuss the auto scrap yard, citing each of the points made in that last paragraph.  In doing so we will hopefully open your eyes to the world of possibilities that is the salvage yard industry.

Poor economy

These are tough times. We thought the economy tanked during the Great Recession in 2008, but this whole Coronavirus thing has us looking at a historic downturn in our U.S. economy.  Unemployment is a scary reality for millions of Americans. Never before have salvage yards been so important to people who need their vehicles.

Save money

You need your vehicle to get to your job.  Your fuel pump stops working. A new one cost $200, and you don’t have $200.  You check out your local salvage yard and they have the fuel pump you need, three years old, for $120.  You are back on the road the next day, and you’ve saved eighty bucks. Welcome to the world of salvage yards and saved money.

Environmental concerns

Every used auto parts purchased means a new car part not manufactured, and that means less mining and less use of natural resources. To environmentalists, this is a game-changer. Why buy new when you can buy used and help the environment in the process? And the car parts which are not resold are then recycled and used to manufacture new car parts.  It’s a win-win situation.

Quality used auto parts

All Import Auto Parts give a 90-day warranty for every single used salvage part we sell.  Every single one!  You not only save money but you also leave our lot knowing you have just purchased peace of mind for at least ninety days.  If you can find a better deal than that in today’s economy, we strongly suggest you go with that deal.

But you won’t!

A word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years people have been purchasing their salvage auto parts from All Import Auto Parts in Fort Worth – for over thirty years! That kind of longevity and customer loyalty only happens when the company is trustworthy and ca be counted on to deliver quality goods.

All Import Auto Parts is the auto scrap yard you can trust.  Forget about the ugliness of “auto scrap yard” and think about the money you will save by purchasing from us.