Auto salvage yards save you money during the best of times. During a recession, like the one we find ourselves enduring because of the pandemic, auto salvage yards are crucial for those who need their vehicles and are feeling the economic pinch.

We are All Import Auto Parts, born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, and we’ve been providing Fort Worth residents with quality, inexpensive used auto parts for thirty years, so we have some “game” in this discussion. Give us a call with your questions or to inquire about a particular part you need.

Let’s look at the savings you can experience at your local salvage yard

On average, you can expect to save 25% on used car parts from salvage yards. During sales, that savings can rise to 40% or higher.  Savings are generally higher at “You pull it” salvage yards simply because you are doing the work of extracting the part from the salvage vehicle instead of a salvage yard employee.

Which parts are the best to buy from a salvage yard?

Even though we are in the salvage yard business, we believe our long-standing reputation is as good as it is because we are honest with our customers. We do not believe all car parts are great values at salvage yards. For example, spark plugs really do not provide much savings.  A starter is a questionable purchase, as well, simply because they wear out so often and so quickly, so buying a used one is really a crapshoot with regards to the amount of good use you will get out of it.

But parts like body parts, interior parts, engines, transmissions, these things can offer huge savings when purchasing used rather than new.

An important point to realize

Please note, purchasing salvage auto parts only saves you big money if you then install the part yourself.  The cost of labor in paying a mechanic can be crippling, and wipe out any savings you experience when purchasing from a salvage yard.  Many car repair companies will not use salvage car parts when repairing a car, so check with your regular mechanic to make sure they will use salvage parts. If not, you’ll have to repair the vehicle yourself, or enlist a brother-in-law in order to experience good savings.

How can you trust in the salvage car part?

We are asked this question often: what is the life expectancy of a salvaged car part, and there is no definitive answer for that question.  A salvaged part can last for years, or it can last for several months.  All we can do is give you the best warranty in the salvage business. We provide a 90-day warranty on every single part sold at All Import Auto Parts, and that’s as good as it gets in the wrecking yards industry.

The bottom line about saving money at salvage yards

The bottom line is this: yes, you can save good money at salvage yards.  Savings are best at you pull it yards, and some parts are best purchased new.  But overall, during tough economic times, a salvage yard can be, and often is, your best friend when it comes to your vehicle.