all import auto parts, the best of the Fort Worth car junk yards

There are quite a few car junk yards in Fort Worth. This is to be expected in a city of 750,000 people.  Many of those citizens own cars or trucks, and eventually those cars and trucks will break down or be totaled in accidents.

From the many there is only one #1.  We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with affordable used auto parts and used truck parts. Call us today when you want the best of the many Fort Worth salvage yards.

So, why are we so confident?

The best car junk yards give great warranties.

People who have never shopped at wrecking yards are naturally suspicious about the quality of the used car parts sold there.  They think “wrecking yards” and they think damaged parts.  It is a natural inclination that salvage yards have been battling for decades.

To battle that way of thinking, All Import Auto Parts tests every single used part that we sell AND then we offer an industry-best 90-day warranty on the parts sold.  This is called peace of mind, and it is a level of trust we want to build with our customers.  We know that the best marketing we can do is to sell quality parts each and every time and, when a part does fail, to back that up immediately.

And we have done that for over thirty years!

The best car junk yards are nationally certified.

Check out our website or stop in and look up on our wall.  We have more national certifications than we know what to do, and although we are being a bit facetious when we say that, we also want you to know that each certification means we have met national standards which were necessary for that certification.

Again, your trust, in us, is very important to us; that is why we go above and beyond in qualifying for those certifications.

And yes, the best salvage yards are local.

We believe strongly in the “shop local” mantra.  We believe shopping local means local dollars stay local, and that is vital for improved city services, for money for infrastructure, and overall, for a healthy economy.

Some of the national chains may have big money behind them, but every sale they make sends dollars out of the Fort Worth economy.

We are local born and raised, and we will always be Texans.

And we think that’s important!

Add it all together and you can only arrive at one conclusion: All Import Auto Parts is the best of the many Fort Worth car junk yards.  No brag, just fact!

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

For over thirty years our family owned and operated salvage yard has served Fort Worth residents.  Two generations and counting, and we are proud of that fact.  You do not remain at the top of your game, for three decades, unless you provide quality service and sell quality products.

Call us today, no matter what kind of part you need.  We have a reputation to uphold and we will find that part for you.